“Meat” my lawyer

          On Oct. 1 was World Vegetarian Day. This is one of the few days out of the year when animals worldwide can let-out a collective sigh of relief. For those who eat meat, this day means nothing. But for people who choose not to eat meat, this day holds some meaning. After her bold “meat dress” at the 2010 VMAs, it could be disputed which category Lady Gaga falls into on this day.

           It seems that just about everything Lady Gaga does is newsworthy. While most would agree that wearing a dress made of raw meat is newsworthy, fewer would agree that a lawsuit involving Lady Gaga suing over the use of her name deserves coverage. Regardless, Lady Gaga made the news again when she sued Excite Worldwide LLC last week for using her name without permission in one of their new product lines.

          Really? The company had to know that using the name of someone as famous as Lady Gaga without her permission was a bad idea. This isn’t the first time Lady Gaga has sued for the use of her name in a product. Lady Gaga has several trademarks trending.

           Even those who are not business savvy would stop and ask themselves, “Is it really a good idea to use Lady Gaga’s name without permission?” For someone over at Excite Worldwide, the answer was, “Yes.” That person might now be without a job and celebrating World Vegetarian Day only because they no longer can afford to buy meat.