World Kindness Day

          Sometimes we need reminders to stop and think about others. It’s easy to become distracted by events in our lives and forget to recognize the needs of people around us. Today is one of those days that remind us to consider others. World Kindness Day started in Japan more than 10 years ago as part of a movement to encourage people to think of the world we live in.

            Breast cancer affects people worldwide. Over a million people were told they had breast cancer in 2010. Almost everyone would agree that this number is too high. In 1992, Evelyn Lauder, who died Saturday, decided to do something about it.

            Lauder, who was an executive at Estée Lauder, was one of the creators of the pink campaign. What started as a simple desire to encourage woman to get breast examinations has turned into a huge campaign to help end breast cancer.

            I don’t know whether Lauder understood the difference handing out ribbons would make in the lives of millions when they started the pink campaign. But I think this is what World Kindness Day should encourage us to do. It should motivate us to make a difference in the lives of those around us.