Black Friday

             Driving home from relatives the day after Thanksgiving my dad says something like, “All this shopping is going to be good for the economy.”

            Dad was talking about Black Friday shoppers.

            I know very little about how the economy works, but it does make sense to me that spending money could positively affect the economy.               

             Black Friday isn’t a little known holiday, but millions of Americans treat this day as if it were an official holiday. Some say the name was started by cops who dreaded the day after Thanksgiving because of the problems mass numbers of people out shopping caused.

             Enthusiastic shoppers will camp out hours before a store opens just for the chance to get a good deal. And after waiting for hours, these shoppers are determined to get that deal.

            Black Friday sales are reported to be up 7 percent from last year. Despite the state of the economy, many people still seem willing to go out to stores and spend money on this “dark” day. Maybe Dad was right…