On Sept. 5 it’s OK to be late

For the majority of people who are not aware, Monday is Be Late for Something Day. In celebration of a day devoted to putting something off, the procrastinators of the world will rejoice… on Tuesday.

For those of us living in a world that values timeliness, not being on time has a decided negative connotation. Being tardy or missing a deadline is often viewed as incompetence or laziness. But as the Sept. 5 holiday suggests, being late for something does not have to be a negative thing. This past Saturday, “The Early Show on Saturday Morning” ran a story supporting the idea that it can be acceptable to be a little late.

A little more than 40 years late, Alan Moore will be playing college football this fall. 61-year-old Moore is proving that it is never too late for people to follow their dreams. Moore hopes that his belated college career will encourage more students to pursue a college education.

Does the phrase “better late than never” come to mind for anyone else? If this phrase doesn’t come to mind now, it will later.


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